Introdution to Islam


  ISLAM, The Religion of All: Simplified description of Islam by, Muhammad Taufiek Ahmad, the founder of the CIMS society.

  Islam from Wikipedia: General information about Islam from Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia).

  The Muslim's Belief: No God except Allah, Muhammad (PBUH) is the messenger of Allah

  Principles of Islam: Five Principles of Islam

 The Right Way to Pray: Praying is the 2nd pillar of Islam, including online Real Audio files to learn how to pray using voice facity

 Fasting (Al Syam): It is the 3rd pillar in Islam

 Pilgrimage (Hajj): It is the 5th pillar of Islam.

 Islam (what is Islam, 99 names of Allah, learn to Pray, introduction to Islam)


  • Free Islamic Encyclopedia using the wiki technology.
  • Free web/business Directory that anyone can edit.
  • Translating Islamic and other books into multiple languages.
  • Personal web pages that anyone (including you), can create.
  • And more ...

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